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Empreendimentos Residenciais

Empreendimentos Residenciais

Vacation Homes


8% to 10% per annum of rental income.


VACATION HOMES are Vacation Rentals! But it is not OUR ordinary Vacation Homes that we are accustomed to not !!!!

Far from it!!!!

It is a property that can be a house or an apartment, always FULLY FURNISHED, in which the investor / owner places it for rent in the SHORT TERM (Weekly Periods) for TOURISTS, who, perceive advantages in staying in these properties instead of staying in traditional hotels. But why does the tourist identify advantages in this type of lodging?

Most Vacation Homes in Orlando are condominium homes or apartments very close to the Theme Parks, which have fantastic resort infrastructures with water parks, restaurant, bars, gyms, golf courses, etc. An example of such condos is the Lennar ChampionsGate!

In addition, they are furnished houses / apartments ready to stay as if the tourist would live! For example, the guest can cook and go to the grocery store to buy what they need, making the stay of the tourist really take more into account.

Several traditional hotels with apartments for only two people are much more expensive and do not have such infrastructures in the hotel !!! And if you then compare the daily value per person by remembering that in a Vacation Home you can host an entire family, you will always realize the advantages in terms of the value of hosting. It really is a big plus for tourists! But is it an advantage for the Investor too ??

Of course!!! Certainly!!!!

Comparing the average return rate of Rent in Brazil that averaged 4.5% per year in 2017 and we still have to discount inflation from 3.0% in 2017, which in that year was low yes, but should increase to 4, 2% for the year 2018 (goal center), we realize that rent in Brazil is a bad investment. Almost bordered to zero return. Vacation Homes in Orlando, near the Theme Parks, have an average return of 8% a year, up to 10% a year depending on how they are managed, and discounting only an average inflation of 1.5% in the US. In this way, this income in rent, in a strong currency (Dollar), can yield between 6.5% and 8.5% per year of real profit, before the Income Tax.

Good right? Good nothing, this is incredible !!!

And totally safe!

Good, but how did I get to these values? In order to be able to explain this better, later on we will look at two case studies of homebuilder ventures in which I, as a licensed US broker, seeing, of course seeing! I am bringing first hand these wonderful endeavors so that you can better understand and be able, if you are interested, to acquire your first RENTAL IN DOLLAR.

If you are interested in receiving more information about THIS OPPORTUNITY and already begin the process of transferring your assets to a safer country such as the US, buy real estate and rent with an income of 8% to 10% per year, please enter in contact with our team.

We'll be happy to help you start PROTECTING YOUR PATROMOMY.

Contact: [email protected] or +1 (786) 656-6036 (WhatsApp)

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Empreendimentos Residenciais

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