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8% a year of Rent in Dollar Rent WITHOUT TAXES !!!

Panama has greater political stability than Brazil due to the fact that the US will never want to lose the Canal that they built.

Therefore, has happened to Left want to take power, and the US ended the party yes. The institutions in the country are strong, the law works and the currency is the Dollar. Of course they have inflation and their problems, but we have to focus on the Income that we can achieve with little investment done there. And investment insurance. Certainly safer than in Brazil! The point is that

Panama has several immigration programs and for those who do not know, if you invest more than $ 300,000 in real estate, you apply for a type of tax residence where you are not required to stay most of the year in the country. Therefore, you could continue to live in Brazil for a few months, others in the US, others in Europe and above all, not paying anything Income Tax coming from Income outside Panama.

What's more, rented properties also do not pay Income Taxes, only property and transmission taxes, that is, you earn all the rent for you. You will have to pay only the administration property. Being more than 300,000 dollars, you can apply for the Tax Residence and 5 years later apply for the Panamanian Citizenship. But why do I want to be a Panamanian ??? Well, they have more "perks" than we do with immigration to the US. If you have a Panamanian passport, you do not even need to have a Green Card, you only need to have the E-1 visa and live freely in the US, investing an amount of around 100,000 to 150,000 in any type of business.

Is not it sensational? Yes, few people know that !!!! Investing in Panama has many advantages.

You can open a company and not pay taxes in Panama if you do not operate there.

You can have a multi currency account at the bank, ie a checking account with dollar, euro, etc. It's not too much?

If you are interested in receiving more information about THIS OPPORTUNITY and already start the process of transferring your assets to a more secure country like Panama, buy real estate and rent with an income of 8% per annum without IR being able to acquire a Tax Residence there , please contact our team.

We'll be happy to help you start PROTECTING YOUR PATROMOMY.

Click on the LEARN MORE icon and you will be directed to the site of our Partner in Panama, in their site you will have access to Several Real Estate.

For Any Questions, I am at your disposal:

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