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New York

New York

Big Apple, Capital of the World or "the city that never sleeps".


It is no wonder that New York is known for numerous names and extensive attributes. The most influential city on earth is pure energy, vibration, consumption, pleasure and culture. With over 8 million residents, New York City offers fun for every taste.

Manhattan is the center of cultural life in the area: Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan are just a few of the places that are impossible not to meet. This is where the world's tallest skyscrapers are, such as the Empire State Building, Bank of American Tower and One World Trade Center.

New York also has attractions such as theme parks, zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens and the most quoted, filmed and beloved park in the world: Central Park. To lose oneself by its paths, lawns, lakes and then to rest in one of the benches scattered in the park makes life reacquire another sense.

Their restaurants are among the best in the world, no matter what specialty you choose.

Not to mention sacred temples for sports lovers like Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden. And if it's fashionable, a stroll through prestigious high-end boutiques on Fifth Avenue is a symbol of New York's wealth. Its branded stores evoke the elegance of the most renowned American and European designers, who offer exclusive products there. Tiffany Co, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Prada are some of the many designers you'll find there. There is nothing New York does not know how to do well! The Avenue Collection is a collection of buildings on the banks of the Hudson in Weehawken, New Jersey, in the New York metropolitan area.

The luxurious apartments have a breathtaking view of the river and the New York skyline. The condominium has balconies and terraces to enjoy the landscape even more. Just a short boat ride away in 8 minutes you are in the center of Manhattan and all that New York has to offer.

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