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Lisboa - Portugal

Why Invest in Portugal?

I will bring something very interesting here that I believe that MANY BRAZILIANS do not know, because when we talk about Portugal, the first thing we think of is antiques, our colonizers, etc. But there is a lot going on there !!! Lisbon is becoming one of the most desirable cities by investors around the world, both for investment and housing. Bloomberg considered Lisbon to be the next San Francisco by Bloomberg and is the capital that has the largest growth of start-ups in Europe.

Already changing the subject and speaking a little of our language, the real estate market of Portugal had a huge growth accompanying the economy of the Country after the great crisis of 2008. A perfect combination of incentives for foreign investors wishing to buy properties for rent, a huge increase in the value of the real estate market, the wave of regeneration of real estate in every city and even the possibility of immigrating to the country with very flexible policies, have been attracting from around the world.

I bet you did not know that in Portugal there is no inheritance tax since 2004 !!!!!! Do you believe it? Have more! The Income Tax is low different from the Brazilian, so Lisbon is becoming a place mainly for foreigners to retire, as you are in a culturally rich city with train and plane connections throughout Europe. Show, is not it? There's still more! Lisbon has historical beauties and is surrounded by beaches, has a low cost of living compared to other cities in Europe, but it shares with them low rates of crime and pollution, as well as an excellent transport network.

The weather is perfect! At least for me I do not like heat! hehe! But most days in Lisbon are sunny and temperatures are mild most of the year, which allows you to enjoy local beaches from March to October, unlike Brazil. Sensational, you can have a residence in Lisbon, enjoy the summer there and when it is winter, you enjoy the summer in Brazil. What a dream, is not it? For companies or qualified investors, that is, with high net worth, there is a program in Portugal for "Non-Residents" to pay taxes. That may be the guarantee of better taxation in Europe. If you grant such tax incentives and tax exemptions on fortunes and dividends, EXACTLY UNTIL BRAZIL, I LIKE THE size of the capital flow out of Brazil and destined to this receptive old friend Portugal.

So Why Invest in the Real Estate Market in Lisbon? Well, there is a great possibility of appreciation in the values ​​of Real Estate in Lisbon and I will explain why: Real estate values ​​in Portugal fell by 30% after Portugal was rescued from the Euro Zone debt crisis. Of course, when these falls happen in the Real Estate Market, the moment is to buy !!! And buy cheap! But it is still time, as real estate values ​​in Lisbon are up 11.9% higher than in 2013, but have not yet reached their pre-fall value! See why! Because the appreciation is much higher when compared with other European capitals like London and Paris! I'll leave a tip here !!!! Lisboa offers GREAT OPPORTUNITY in the LUXURY sector! I explain why: The Square Meter in London can cost up to 33,000 Euros and in Paris up to 25,000 Euros. Yes, I know they are completely different, but they are just a few miles away, if we are to think that you can OWN A PROPERTY IN EUROPE and travel by train to these cities at any time and at a SUPER LOW cost.

Well, already in Lisbon, the SQUARE METER OF LUXURY BUILDINGS cost on average between 6,000 EUROS and 8,000 EUROS. THE DIFFERENCE IS HUGE !!!!! If we consider that these values ​​are out of date compared to these other European capitals, the Real Estate in Lisbon, of course, if Well Located, will present GREAT VALUATION in the next 10-15 years, and if they are NEW and WELL LOCATED, CAN DOUBLE OF VALUE. IT IS NOT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY ?????

Taxes and Benefits for Tax Residents: If you are a non-resident European, Portugal offers: One of the most successful Golden Visa options in Europe Affordable value for the European Residence Necessity of Investment in the Property Minimum of 500.000 EUROS. Direct to include your first-degree family in the visa (wife and dependents) Citizenship available after six years of purchase But what is this Golden VISA ???


Also to the US that has several Immigration visas for investors interested in a future Fiscal Residence through the so dreamed Green Card and until after 5 years a Citizenship, Portugal also saw an opportunity to attract qualified foreign investors.

The program is called "Golden Visa" and this allows free transit through the Schengen area which is nothing more than a starting point for the European Residence. More than 1.8 billion Euros have already been invested in Real Estate through the program, attracting a wave of investors with the intention of becoming a resident of the country and even living in it. But what is a Golden Visa? This Golden Visa is nothing more than the Portuguese Tax Residence program !!!!!

Simply put, you invest in the real estate market of Portugal with a minimum of 500,000 Euros and they grant you the Tax Residence in the country, in which "allows you to travel freely through the countries of the Schengen area, click here and learn more), and after 6 years, gives you the right to apply for the Portuguese passport (European Union Passport) and, with this, the European Citizenship. Therefore, since 2012, more than 2.8 billion Euros have been invested in the Portuguese Real Estate Market using the Golden Visa! This has made the PORTUGAL GOLDEN VISA PROGRAM the most sought after Tax Residence project in Europe. Is not it SENSATIONAL ?????

Let's summarize then how the Program Works: You buy a property of 500 000 Euros or more! After that, you only have to spend 7 days a year in Portugal! Four months after the purchase of the Property, you will already have access to the Temporary Residence in Portugal, thus having free access to all the countries of the Schengen Area. The Permanent Residence (FISCAL) is an option after the fifth year after the purchase of the property!

Then you can enter the Portuguese Passport and, consequently, the Portuguese Citizenship. But who can then participate in the Program? Which Brazilian investor, his / her spouse and his / her first-degree family, including children of legal age and even the parents of the investor, if they are their dependents. I believe it is one of the best forms of international investment today! You can buy a property for rent in Portugal and still get a second Citizenship! Simply, SENSATIONAL !!!!!

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