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Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, located in southeastern Florida north of Miami, is known for its shops, beaches, arts, culture and events. The stores located on Las Olas Boulevard are popular and exclusive. The beaches are long strips of white sand. Art, culture and events take the form of museums, galleries and festivals that attract visitors from everywhere.

The city's arts and entertainment district, known as the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District, covers a stretch from east to west along Las Olas Boulevard, from the beach to the heart of downtown. There are even gondola rides on the canals on the banks of the river, which contributes to Fort Lauderdale being known as the Venice of the United States. In fact, the city is where the rich and famous have fun.

At the same time, Fort Lauderdale has a great sense of community where people love to live and work. More than 60 distinct neighborhoods are officially recognized by the city, and there are approximately 30 others that are strengthening as they grow. It is also noteworthy that Fort Lauderdale has a significantly higher percentage of foreign residents than the United States as a whole. On the other hand, recreational activities are closely related to nearby waterways. In terms of business, a complete rail and road system connects the city to all of South Florida, creating a diverse and vibrant economy, rooted in tourism and related activities.

This includes cruise ships and other nautical activities as well as conventions. Fort Lauderdale is, for example, an important yacht manufacturing and maintenance center. MiraLago at Parkland is located just northwest of Fort Lauderdale. There, zoning laws protect the "park" spirit of the area, although the city offers the convenience of nice shops and restaurants. Thus, Parkland is a unique area, with Fort Lauderdale serving as the metropolitan center.

Among the highlights of outdoor recreation is Doris Davis Forman Wildlife Preserve, an 8-acre site located in the heart of the city. Also nearby is Sawgrass Mills, the largest concentration of outlets and good-priced stores in the United States, with more than 350 stores.

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